Why Hydracraft?
Hydracraft Makes The Decision To Buy A Boat Easier

The Hull

The Hull Changes Its Shape To Match Water Conditions And The Type Of Boating Desired

Modular Design
Modular Construction Makes This The Most Versatile Boat Of Its Time

Dealers No Longer Have To Purchase And Stock So Many Single-Purpose Boats

The Bottom Line!
Hydracraft Has A Better Profit Margin

Only Hydracraft

Only Hydracraft Gives You This Much Boat

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The New  World of Hydracraft




1. Why Hydracraft?

Hydracraft Makes The Decision To Buy A Boat Easier

Hydracraft has designed and engineered a new kind of boat around a classically simple fact: People enjoy many kinds of boating . . . from sailing and water skiing to ocean or bass fishing. Unfortunately each of these sports requires a different kind of boat.

Boat buyers have thus been forced to choose between their favorite activities and then to select the boat that can be used only for that one activity. This has meant that many boat buyers have had to spend their scarce recreational dollars to get less than what they really wanted. And many more avid boating enthusiasts have not been willing to purchase a boat that fulfills only a single, limited purpose.

They must also consider what size boat will best fit their needs. And their selection is further complicated by limited budget, storage and towing capacity.

We refused to accept this array of constraints as inevitable. Hydracraft’s design, development and testing have produced a multi-functional modular craft with a variable hull that effectively resolves these previous limitations.

The patented Hydracraft utilizes state-of-the-art technology and materials to achieve a totally innovative design capable of transforming the boating industry and the boating experience.




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